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Storytelling is a powerful, ages-old concept. But what are the stories we tell ourselves and our kids? Which stories shaped who we are and where we are today, as an individual, a society or a culture as a family.

One important question needs to be asked, “Who do we want to become?”

“Iam Awesome, Who are you?” is a book about becoming. Transforming from ordinary to extraordinary and the steps to take to make this happen.

It is book one of the trilogy series “The Book of Awesome, According to Iam”.

Iam Awesome is a dreamer and like his Artificial Intelligence comic book heroes, he wants to become a superhero and find out what is out there on the other side of infinity.

Iam Awesome's call to adventure
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The Treasure Map to Life, Digital Pack

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The Treasure Map to Life

Starlight Children's Foundation

Iam Awesome Movement wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Starlight Children's Foundation as our first charity to register their participation in our goal to raise over $1 Million for children's charities worldwide.

If you're a charity that supports kids, contact us today and be part of the new global Iam Awesome Movement, inspiring kids all over the world to believe in who they see in the mirror.


Starlight Children's Foundation

Keynote Speaker

By Author, Damon McDonald

"My Mission Is To Inspire Kids To Believe In Who They See In The Mirror".
Author, Keynote Speaker, Inspired to Inspire.

Damon McDonald isn't your ordinary, average guy. As a young child, you would find Damon watching his heroes in their adventure travel shows on TV and he wanted to become one! In his twenties, he lived on his motorbike for six years listening to other people's stories while creating his own and his passion for creating and telling stories was born... It was on one journey to Cambodia that the course of Damon's life changed forever.

Damon McDonald in Cambodia

Creating Awesome Kids


Discover the Treasure Map for Life and learn how to become your own hero. Follow Iam is on the Hero’s Journey, egged on by M, his sassy cohort, as he is forced to look within, to find the way out...


For Charities


We're donating 100% of eBook sales to charities that support kids! Contact us today and be part of the new global Iam Awesome Movement to inspire kids all over the world.


About The Author

Damon McDonald

“Iam Awesome, Who are you?” is a book that has come from my own journey to find the hero within. Growing up, I knew I didn’t fit the mold that life was putting me into. As a seven-year-old watching the stories in adventure travel shows I knew then, deep down, that I wanted to live the life of a Creative Adventurer.

I must I must, in me I trust.

Trust in me, I must, I must.


About The Illustrator

Shane Tholen

At the age of ten, with a pencil sketch of Fred Flintstone in hand, Shane managed to convince his younger brother that the idea for the prehistoric cartoon had been stolen from him.

Since then Shane’s commentary on his work has become a little more honest, and he has always sought to fulfil the promise of being an inventor of characters. He is a published illustrator for Fremantle Press, he has self-published a graphic novel, and he has created various t-shirts and logos.

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