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Iam Awesome, Who Are You?

The Hero’s Journey is not a new concept. It is part of storytelling through all cultures over thousands of years. Joseph Campbell’s teachings show how the journey is actually us. While we always look to someone greater than ourselves to inspire us such as a mentor, the real journey is the journey we take within to believe in who we can become that is the greatest challenge we will face.

Iam Awesome, Who are you? is a book inspired by this concept of looking within to find the way out. The purpose of my book is to inspire you to believe in who you see in the mirror. I have broken down the 12 stages as a treasurer map showing the way, the path we need to take to become our own hero. I want to bring awareness to the journey in a way that is easy to understand so you can then use it to become the hero of your own life.

We are all born Awesome but sometimes life can make us forget. Iam Awesome, Who are you? is the reminder we need to become the creator of our own journey.

Iam Awesome Movement

Values and principles are the cornerstone of every person’s life and they transcend all cultures. Businesses are built on them. They are the road maps people use to live their lives by, but how did they come to being. The Iam Awesome Movement will explore values and principles from all different perspectives by asking questions to simply understand. We will have regular challenges and questions with worksheets under a buddy system to create dynamic conversations between parent and child, sibling to sibling, friend to friend, worker to worker and culture to culture asking you to question who you are, why are you the way you are and more importantly the Iam Awesome Movement’s main focus is to build a solid foundation for who you want to become.

Iam Awesome Movement is about giving you the tools to create a solid foundation as you navigate life to become your own hero.

Knowing who you are now and who you want to become forms a clarity only after understanding what shaped you in the first place. Values and principles are the niche focus of the Iam Awesome Movement for creating Awesome kids.

Our vision is to create an equality concept based on equal respect for who you are, who you want to become and how you want to get there. By understanding ourselves first we can better understand others.

The Iam Awesome Movement is launching later in 2022 and we have big dreams and visions and would love you to join us on the Values and Principles journey. Everyone has that friend who you don’t see for a while and when you catch up it is like you were never apart. With your life membership, we are aiming to become that friend who inspires you and challenges you to become the person you are capable of becoming. We encourage you to drop in and out along your journey through life. We will be here when you need an answer to some of life’s perplexing problems as a guide, a mentor and true supporter of along your journey.

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About the Author


Damon McDonald

“Iam Awesome, Who are you?” is a book that has come from my own journey to find the hero within. Growing up, I knew I didn’t fit the mold that life was putting me into. As a seven-year-old watching the stories in adventure travel shows I knew then, deep down, that I wanted to live the life of a Creative Adventurer.

Iam Awesome, Who are you?, is a story of “becoming” from the ordinary to the extraordinary by understanding the 12 stages of the journey of the hero.

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About the Illustrator


Shane Tholen

At the age of ten, with a pencil sketch of Fred Flintstone in hand, Shane managed to convince his younger brother that the idea for the prehistoric cartoon had been stolen from him.

Since then Shane’s commentary on his work has become a little more honest, and he has always sought to fulfil the promise of being an inventor of characters. He is a published illustrator for Fremantle Press, he has self -published a graphic novel, and he has created various t-shirts and logos.

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