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Damon McDonald, Author

“Iam Awesome, Who are you?” is a book that has come from my own journey to find the hero within. Growing up, I knew I didn’t fit the mold that life was putting me into. As a seven-year-old watching the stories in adventure travel shows I knew then, deep down, that I wanted to live the life of a Creative Adventurer.

In my twenties I jumped on my motorbike and left the city life, a life that had me trying to fit the mold of expectation. What was supposed to be a three-month break turned into a six-year two wheeled odyssey, listening to the stories of others while creating my own.

At aged 33, I did a stint at university learning documentary film. Again, following the path of stories, learning to understand the power of the story. This is where I also learnt of Joseph Campbell, the comparative mythologist and ultimate teller of the power of the stories behind the stories, the myths, dreams and legends from long ago that shape who we are today.

Iam Awesome, Who are you?, is a story of “becoming” from the ordinary to the extraordinary by understanding the 12 stages of the journey of the hero. The same steps that the heroes of the past took and the same steps that every Disney hero character must take. To learn to believe in who they see in the mirror. The person who starts the journey is not the same person at the end of the journey.

Life itself, its events, other people or even ourselves, can take us away from our dreams. My mission with the Iam Awesome Movement is to inspire kids all over the world to learn to believe in who they see in the mirror, so they can learn to become who they need to be. To find out what they are capable of, to create the dreams they dream and become their own hero.

I must I must, in me I trust.
Trust in me, I must, I must.

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