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We Invite Charities to Participate

We're donating eBook sales to charities that benefit kids*!

Would your charity benefit from donations? This is a no-cost, obligation-free fundraising opportunity. Help us create Awesome Kids all over the world and we'll help you raise much-needed funds.

eBook sales will be allocated to charities by purchasers nominating a charity to receive eBook proceeds.

If you're a charity that supports kids, contact us today and be part of the new global Iam Awesome Movement, inspiring kids all over the world to believe in who they see in the mirror. Starting with book 1 of the trilogy, “Iam Awesome, Who are you?”

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*eBook sales donated to kid's charities, less GST.



Starlight Children's Foundation

Iam Awesome Movement wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Starlight Children's Foundation as our first charity to register their participation. Our goal is to raise over $1 Million for children's charities worldwide by donating the sales of our eBook (less GST).

We are proudly supporting the Starlight Children’s Foundation and other participating children’s charities. If you would like to join us in this obligation-free fundraising opportunity, please contact us.


Starlight Children's Foundation