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“Iam Awesome, Who are you?” is a book that has come from my own journey to find the hero within. Growing up, I knew I didn’t fit the mold that life was putting me into. As a seven-year-old watching the stories in adventure travel shows I knew then, deep down, that I wanted to live the life of a Creative Adventurer.

In my twenties I jumped on my motorbike and left the city life, a life that had me trying to fit the mold of expectation. What was supposed to be a three-month break turned into a six-year two wheeled odyssey, listening to the stories of others while creating my own.


ABC Radio Interview

Listen to ABC Radio Newcastle where Damon shares his story with Paul Turton, ABC Newcastle Drive.

Book Excerpt

In a time long, long ago, a large and beautifully carved sculpture in the shape of an infinity symbol stood high on the edge of the lake. The sculpture celebrated two communities living together in harmony. It is still unknown what caused the battle between the Hill people and the Lake people, but the Storm of Storms appeared at the same time...

Sell Sheet

Synopsis: ‘Iam Awesome, Who are you?’ is a book about becoming.
Showing our kids how to recognise their capacity to survive, thrive and inspire others.
The first book in a Trilogy series, ‘The Book of Awesome, According to Iam’
shows kids how to think critically, manage challenges, seek guidance, dream big
and develop self-belief. The Iam Awesome Movement mantra is: ‘I support you,
you support me, together stronger’.

Book Title: Iam Awesome, Who are you?
Author: Damon McDonald
Genre: Children's literature
ISBN: 978-0-6452765-1-0
Publication year: 2022
Publisher: Iam Awesome Movement Pty Ltd
© 2019 Iam Awesome Movement Pty Ltd

About Us

The Hero’s Journey is not a new concept. It is part of storytelling through all cultures over thousands of years. Joseph Campbell’s teachings show how the journey is actually us. While we always look to someone greater than ourselves to inspire us such as a mentor, the real journey is the journey we take within, to believe in who we can become that is the greatest challenge we will face.

We are all born Awesome but sometimes life can make us forget. Iam Awesome, Who are you? is the reminder we need to become the creator of our own journey.

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