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The Treasure Map to Life

 AUD $30
A great resource for Home Schooling through inspired, online learning. Best value digital pack.
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The Awesome Pack - Iam Awesome

The Awesome Pack

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Hard copy book PLUS digital bundle with BONUS lifetime membership to the Iam Awesome Movement.


First Edition Book

AUD $35

Hard copy, FIRST EDITION, 'Iam Awesome, Who are you?' Book.


We're Donating 100% of eBook Sales

Did you know that we donate 100% of the eBook value (AUD$10) to charities that benefit kids?

The fun flip eBook, complete with page-flipping audio is part of The Treasure Map to Life digital pack which is a bundle of instant downloads for AUD$30, of which AUD$10 is donated to kids charities!

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