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Iam Awesome, Who are you?

Creating Awesome Kids

Storytelling is a powerful, ages-old concept. But what are the stories we tell ourselves and our kids? Which stories shaped who we are and where we are today, as an individual, a society or a culture as a family.

One important question needs to be asked, “Who do we want to become?”

“Iam Awesome, Who are you?” is a book about becoming. Transforming from ordinary to extraordinary and the steps to take to make this happen.

It is book one of the trilogy series “The Book of Awesome, According to Iam”.

Iam Awesome is a dreamer and like his Artificial Intelligence comic book heroes, he wants to become a superhero and find out what is out there on the other side of infinity.

‘M’ is a sassy young girl who is grounded in culture and mythological storytelling, rituals and an earth-conscious believer in connection to past.

Book One

Book one breaks down the 12 stages of the Hero’s Journey, based on the teachings of Joseph Campbell, the world-renowned comparative mythologist. These 12 stages are the ultimate treasure map to life. The journey of the hero transcends all cultures and religions while at the same time, all cultures and religions are themselves based on the 12 stages.

My mission with the books using poetry and storytelling is to bring awareness and connection to the emotions at each stage of the hero’s journey so that kids can become their own hero by looking within to find the way out.

Book Two

Book two will show how the stories we are taught from the past through culture, parents and peers groups can shape who we are.

Book Three

Book three will see how the stories we tell ourselves today can shape our future.

We will be offering kids charities across the world an opportunity to raise funds by donating 100% of the eBook value (AUD$10). If you are a charity that benefits children or you know a charity that would be interested in this obligation-free opportunity, please connect for more details.


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Iam Awesome, Who are you? A book by Damon McDonald