The Treasure Map To Life

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  • Iam Awesome Colouring Book
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  • 400x400-Iam-Treasure-Map-to-Life 2
  • 400x400-IAM-flip-book-product2
  • Iam Awesome Colouring Book
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The Treasure Map to Life - Digital Pack

A great resource for parents, grandparents, Home Schooling, schools, daycare and more -  for inspired, online learning:
  • The Treasure Map to Life eBook: flip eBook, 100% of eBook sales donated to kid's charities, $10 value
  • Colouring book: PDF, $10 value
  • Treasure Map to Life: PDF, $10 value
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Customer Reviews

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Paris Cutler

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! It is absolutely beyond anything I ever imagined you working on, totally awe-inspiring @Damon B McDonald the graphics and the story, i just wanted to skim through it and then found myself becoming engaged in the story. CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND, it is not just a book it is mindset coaching, not just for kids but for adults too, it's a gift unparalleled in value. I couldn't be more proud to know you or excited about your books impact.

Executive Coach, Founder, Business Strategist, Award Winning Entrepreneur.

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Jenna Fraser

Great storyline and very inspirational! The characters were fun and quirky and the story was very meaningful to me. Highly recommend!

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Bailey Gorton

We bought The Hero Pack, which includes the actual hard copy book, which was the best part! I still love reading real books and this one is my fave. Great story with a great message - 5 stars!



The Digital Pack will be available immediately via email. The eBook is an online flipping book, the Colouring Book is a PDF that you can print and colour, and the Treasure Map is also a PDF that you can print.


Once you receive your email with the link to your eBook, you can read it online and click on the arrows to turn the pages - cool hey?


No, because 100% of eBook sales is donated to registered Children's Charities. By purchasing the 'Iam Awesome, Who Are You?" eBook, you're directly helping kid's charities!

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